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We have designed an intuitive and simple application to quickly find and make an appointment with a doctor

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Find your doctor

Find a doctor in your area, by name or by specialty

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Choose the doctor, day and time you want. No complication.

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Go to your doctor and get healthy. All of this for free, simple and fast.


We offer a full service for better access to your healthcare

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Search Our Doctors

Everything start with search, find your doctor easily in your area, by name or by specialty.

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Take Your Appointment

After finding your doctor check his available time slots, choose the day and time that suits you.

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Get Reminders

Receive a notification to inform you and remind you of your upcoming appointments.

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Medical Profile

Complete your medical information in your personal space, for better care by your doctor.

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Teleconsultation, an alternative

Beesiha offers you a remote consultation with the chosen doctor in a few minutes. You can now book an appointment online and receive professional help without leaving the comfort of your home

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